Tobias Tribble III

Tobias Tribble, III, died onĀ  April 30, 2008, of AIDS-related complications and kidney failure. Tobias died a few days after his 49th birthday. Tobias had been a client of the Deaf AIDS Project in Sylvan, Michigan since 2005. Tobias was hard of hearing. Tobias had recently returned from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he resided for about four months. Tobias returned to Detroit when it was discovered he was diagnosed with cancer, and he was too weak to care for himself. Tobias previously worked in Washington, DC, as a junior accountant. He is survived by his mother, father, sisters, and other relatives and friends.

Submitted by Karen G. Larkins, Deaf AIDS Project Coordinator

Note: If anyone has a photo of Tobias or more information, please pass it on to Thank you.

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