The Deaf Lost to AIDS website was developed in 1995 by Drago RenterĂ­a who has been collecting and documenting information about Deaf people lost to AIDS and HIV-related complications for over two decades. He updates this website every year on World AIDS Day.

This website is a project of the Deaf Queer Resource Center.

We thank everyone who has submitted names and made other contributions to this site.

A special thanks go to Mikey Krajnak for use of his very moving “Names” poem and to the following individuals and organizations who submitted names, obituaries, articles, feedback or other resource information.


Heidi Anderson
Amber Andrews
Don Bangs
Billy “Zookie” Barr
Nancy V. Becker
Hope Berry
MJ Bienvenu
Gene Bourquin
Michelle Briones
Daniel Brubaker
Ari-Asha Castalia
Jerald Cohen
Pat Dash
Bob Donaldson
Nanette Edwards
Alina Engelman
Mike Felts
Lillian M. Garcia
Wayne Harris
Erin Isberg
Becca Johnson
Ayisha Knight
Mikey Krajnak
Frank Lester
Raymond Luczak
Anne Ludden
John McBride
Josh Mendelsohn
Ken Mikos
Darol Nance
Ruben Oretga
Curtis Peart
Meredith Peruzzi
Scot Pott
Jim Reed
Bette Rosenthal
Ellen Roth
Rob Roth
Robert Rouke
Philip C. Rubin
Mark Sandoval
Eric Scheir
Eric Shapiro
Claude Shirts
Tracie Spingarn
Martin Storm
Jeannie Strobel
Ricky Taylor
Sam Todd
Larry Wasserman
Gary Wolford


Centers for Disease Control AIDS Clearinghouse
Deaf AIDS Action
Deaf AIDS Center
Deaf Queer Resource Center
Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center
HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service
Montrose Health Clinic
Names Project
National AIDS Information Clearinghouse
National Deaf LGBT Archives
Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf
National Coaliton on Deaf Community and HIV, Inc.
National TTY AIDS Hotline
University of Massachusetts Health Clinic


Bay Area Reporter
Boston Herald
Chicago Tribune
CMRA Potomac Prism
CTN Magazine
NCDHappenings Newsletter
Time Magazine
Washington Blade

Extra Special Thanks:

DeafVision, Inc.
Nanette Edwards
Ayisha Knight
Scot Pott
Bob Rourke
Eric Shapiro
Claude Shirts
National Deaf LGBTQ Archives

Thank you!

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