Red Ribbon Love

Poem written by Clifford (Tobias) Noltee and translated/performed in ASL by Jer Loudenback.

Transcript & Visual Description:

Title: Red Ribbon of Love
Title: Clifford A. (Tobias) Noltee- 1999

(white person holding a lighted tealight candle in cupped in both hands in color)

(White male-identified person with long white beard wearing black shirt- standing in front of brick wall- in black and white)

Here I stand to say, I love you.
For giving you this Red Ribbon to let you know
That I’m infected.

Don’t be afraid to stand close to me,
I don’t bite.

(camera effect: cross-blur to person looking to left angle)

All I’m asking for you to do is:
Put on this Red Ribbon and leave them on.
I ask for your love to continue with me,
No matter how hard you try.

(camera effect: zoom-in on sign STRUGGLE)

Don’t be afraid of this Red Ribbon be worn on you in public,
Just think of me, to you, What am I?
I’m your soul friend, not a stranger.

(camera effect: cross-blur to person looking straight ahead)

Please forgive me for what I have done to myself,
Because I asked thy Lord for his forgiveness.

(camera effect: zoom-in on sign SAME)

(camera effect: cross-blur to person looking towards left)

This Red Ribbon you wear, tell them why you’re wearing it,
A friend who is leaving when his time comes.

(camera effect: zoom-in on sign GONE)

To show them what you do care for me.

(camera effect: cross-blur to person looking straight ahead)

When I see you wear this Red Ribbon,
I’ll always wear put a lovely smile on my face
Til the day starts to gloom away.

Please remember that I’ll always love you no matter what,
For you’ll always be in my heart,
And I’ll be in yours too.
If I’m gone, please continue wearing this Red Ribbon for others
Who are the same as me.
This is a Red Ribbon

(camera effect: zoom-in on sign GIVE-TO-YOU)

of Love!

(camera effect: zoom-in on sign LOVE)

(white male-identified person standing in front of window and looking outside; window shows a tree with red berries growing on limbs- in color)

Title: Honoring those we have lost
Title: and those who are living with HIV and AIDS.
Title: Deaf World Aids Day
Title: Poem written by Clifford (Tobias) Noltee- 1999
Title: ASL Translation & Performance by Jer Loudenback- 2019
Title: Film Production by Ryder Aster (with Family Tree Clinic Logo)

Thank you, Jer and Family Tree Clinic for this poem.

One Another Special Day, Lots to Say

World AIDS Day
Lots to say
It’s affected us more than one way

So many lives we’ve lost, no longer in the play
it’s affected everyone, not just those gay

Despair memories will stay
All caring supporters & providers don’t go away

Ronald Reagan had no say
Lots of undue disarray
That left us many in dismay

BAR newspapers listed too many obits everyday
Vibrant resonant emotions still today
Once TWA flight attendants won’t fly without using disinfect spray

Extremists & politicians’ appalling reactions were considered okay
How many people died long before their designated birthday
Even to this day there’s no cure, but someday???

Still surviving my HIV/AIDS diagnosis 30 years ago today.
Everyday in my own ways I pray
for those we’ve lost & their love won’t go away.

(c) 2016 Daniel Langholtz


these are the names
names that I once knew
as I stand before
watching the colorful squares lying
on the grass far
too many are dying…

whispering from the bottom of my soul
so many names to say
so many names to pray
it’s taking my toll

AIDS has seized them all away
like one candle blowing away

why can’t we be sure if there’s a cure to help heal them all?
why can’t we call and ask for help?

saying them is so hard
so many names to say
so many names to pray
the feeling’s so strong!

why not be sure to find that damn cure? Help heal them all!
Why don’t we stop stalling! Demand our call!

please help us, heal us from all the pain
give us all the comforts
give us all the strength
to live one day at a time

teach them all…
do it small
before you know it,
it reaches out to everyone…

…takes one day at a time.

(c) 1995 Mikey Krajnak

  • Deaf AIDS Awareness