One Another Special Day, Lots to Say

World AIDS Day
Lots to say
It’s affected us more than one way

So many lives we’ve lost, no longer in the play
it’s affected everyone, not just those gay

Despair memories will stay
All caring supporters & providers don’t go away

Ronald Reagan had no say
Lots of undue disarray
That left us many in dismay

BAR newspapers listed too many obits everyday
Vibrant resonant emotions still today
Once TWA flight attendants won’t fly without using disinfect spray

Extremists & politicians’ appalling reactions were considered okay
How many people died long before their designated birthday
Even to this day there’s no cure, but someday???

Still surviving my HIV/AIDS diagnosis 30 years ago today.
Everyday in my own ways I pray
for those we’ve lost & their love won’t go away.

(c) 2016 Daniel Langholtz

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