Terry Armstrong



Being HIV+ also taught me a valuable lesson: I’ve got to respect myself and take the best care of myself possible, so I can keep from getting extremely ill. The majority of my time has been spent with hearing people, while I seek enough time to spend with my trusted deaf friends as well.

I’m awfully proud of being deaf and do not wish to have any hearing whatsoever. However, I honestly would like to do all I could to fit in both worlds. AA and Special Service Committee for the Living Sober Conference have helped me a great deal in weighing the pros and cons, largely because of my hearing impairment allowed me to offer some insights into deafness for the hearing people in the program. In most cases, I speak for deaf, not just myself. On the other hand, I also speak for the hearing and not just myself either. We have a long way to go to break the ice among the deaf and hearing communities, for which the deaf community has strived. Because we’re living by the law written by hearing people doesn’t mean defeat, but we could always fight for victory. We have to do everything to prevent the hearing from infringing on our “bill of rights” that we have adopted and proposed for the better.

As for S. Danelle Trudeau, I’d like to extend my friendship if so desired. I’d like to hear from that person and see where I could help to better understand about the hearing and deaf people. A personal friend of mine who is now learning ASL, has shared some quite intriguing opinions about ignorance which is indeed in silence. If Danelle is willing, she could get my address from DCARA. I look forward to hearing from her.

It’s not easy being deaf, especially with the HIV virus, which is a pre-existing health consequences with undue consequence in my future life while improved treatment and a cure are on their way. As for sobriety, I’m quite grateful of being able to live one day at a time. With my present health condition, I cannot drink, smoke or use any drugs. I’m determined to live a long life if I’m able to help myself. Because of the Presidio’s closure in a few years, I plan to relocate to Washington, D.C. where I’ll explore the deaf community and develop positive insights about being deaf and HIV+.

Let’s break the silence among the hearing and deaf as a result of ignorance that will lead to some unfortunate consequence some day.

Terry R. Armstrong, San Francisco, CA

Source: DCARA News via Darol Nance | Submitted by Meredith Peruzzi | Transcribed by Nanette Edwards


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