Rodney Jamieson

Rodney Leonard Jamieson
May 01, 1060 – December 18, 1994

In 1980 Rodney left his home in Edmonton, Canada, to study at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. He left Gallaudet with two degrees in 1989 and moved to Toronto where he became a sign language teacher with the Canadian Hearing Society. A staunch advocate of American Sign Language, he was one of the best in his field. He had the admiration of colleagues and students alike.

Rod, worked closely with the deaf and gay and lesbian communities in Toronto. He was a counsellor and coordinator with the AIDS Committee of Toronto’s Deaf Outreach Project and he was president of the Toronto Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf, an organization devoted to deaf consciousness raising for gay men and lesbians.

Though ill himself, he was a loyal friend who helped many that were sick with HIV while they were dying. Rod was never seen to complain during his own draining ordeal with HIV. He enjoyed until the end the company of his many good friends, his family, whom he was very close to, and his partner Marcus Sullivan. Goodbye Rod. – MK


Hear Me Through My Vision

Come, calm your restless souls that’ve been tortured too long. The end is only the beginning and Rodney Leonard Jamiesonyou need not suffer for me anymore. My mind is alert and my soul has awakened with understanding. The body is damaged beyond repair and needs to rest. I Loved and Lived my life fully and acknowledge the end that comes with this realization. Beyond here lies a safe haven for all the restless souls who have suffered in loves name.

My spirit like yours is great and will live on in those whom I loved and who loved me. I hope I have left my mark in the hearts of those who truly cared. The passage of time coupled with understanding will heal the emptiness and pain in all our hearts.

Grieve not too long for this will do no justice to your souls, but instead remember the one spirit we all eternally share. Remember we are all soldiers of love and have our share in the evolution of humanity on earth. Have the courage to live your story and have the patience to listen to others as I have. For we are all on the same journey.

Be safe and secure in knowing we all have been given the opportunity to partake in the process of the story of life and be appreciative if you are strong enough to carry the challenge. The path we are all on will cross again, and again and make no mistake, I will be there to celebrate with all who have taken part in the quest for the holy grail.

– RJ / Marcus

Source: | Submitted by Christopher Watkin

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