these are the names
names that I once knew
as I stand before
watching the colorful squares lying
on the grass far
too many are dying…

whispering from the bottom of my soul
so many names to say
so many names to pray
it’s taking my toll

AIDS has seized them all away
like one candle blowing away

why can’t we be sure if there’s a cure to help heal them all?
why can’t we call and ask for help?

saying them is so hard
so many names to say
so many names to pray
the feeling’s so strong!

why not be sure to find that damn cure? Help heal them all!
Why don’t we stop stalling! Demand our call!

please help us, heal us from all the pain
give us all the comforts
give us all the strength
to live one day at a time

teach them all…
do it small
before you know it,
it reaches out to everyone…

…takes one day at a time.

(c) 1995 by Mikey Krajnak

  • Deaf AIDS Awareness